Do You Have All Of Your Business’s Logins and Passwords?

If you needed to log in to any of your business’s online accounts right now, do you have that information on hand? It’s fine to have it in a securely kept notebook or file that you can access at any time. If, however, you have to contact your “Internet person” or “social media person” to… Continue Reading

Create More Than One Place To Find Your Business Online

Castros Plumbing Google Search Results

Amazon’s cloud web hosting service is the backbone for much of the Internet these days, from websites to apps. Last week, an Amazon employee accidentally took down several of the company’s cloud servers, leaving many businesses offline for hours. In October, some of the most Internet’s most popular services such as Twitter, Shopify and Spotify… Continue Reading

How Your Business Can Capitalize on Pokémon Go Fever While It Lasts

Pokémon Go is a bona fide worldwide phenomenon. It’s easy to understand why: it’s dead simple to play, it’s deeply interactive in a way most games can’t be, and it encourages repeat play through some of the most engaging principles in game design (badges, open world design, online competition). With this new generation of Pokémon… Continue Reading

Jump Start Your Twitter Marketing

WhatMcAllen Twitter screenshot, February 2015

Twitter is a very different animal than Facebook and most other social media platforms. Whether you just launched a new account or have one that’s been languishing as you focus your attention elsewhere, the easiest strategy to jump start your Twitter marketing it is to follow more of the right kinds of feeds.

Six Words To Make Your Restaurant’s Instagram Photography Better

Gamehaus Fries from Gamehaus Gastropub, on McAllen, TX

It’s very frustrating to see restaurants and bars I love make their food and drinks look awful on social media. The chefs I know take as much pride in presentation as they do in taste. If you’re in charge of social media for your restaurant and/or bar, you don’t have to be a professional photographer… Continue Reading

Social Media and the Benefits of Being There

A beer on the Roosevelt's at 7 patio

When I talk about my job, people are always quick to point out how I “can work from anywhere” and how wonderful it must be. Technically, this is true. I could work from anywhere, if I didn’t care about the quality of my work. There is no way a local business can get the results… Continue Reading